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Individual Rights for All, but Violent Truth about Maleness

December 24, 2011

The violent truth about the y-chromosome sexual species appears in this cartoon (fair use, non-profit educational purposes, parody, social commentary) from a paper’s op-ed page in a place where I’m spending the ho, ho, not ho holidays: 

 Mr. Fish's Cartoon

 (source  credited as: Cam Cardow, Cagle Cartoons, The Ottawa Citizen.)

Along similar lines, this link states a notable male scientist’s words on the truth of male violence as globally expressed in its present evolution: 

Regarding the genetic modification of the y chromosome (a maleness mutation) as an evolutionary experiment (in that men are basically genetically modified women), Professor and Fellow Bryan Sykes (University of Oxford and Wolfson College), in the link, stated in part: 

“Though it is a weary lament to lay most acts of violence and aggression, from the strictly local to the truly global, squarely at the feet of men, the association is strong, consistent and undeniable. Women very rarely commit violent crimes, become tyrants or start wars.”

Sykes continued (see link) to discuss genetic experimentation and modification (aka eugenics) that might occur to correct for violent maleness and/or point human beings in a different direction for reproduction.  If he were a woman so stating, no doubt charges of gendercide would be levied against him. 

But Sykes, like women decrying global violence by men as a collective sex against women as a collective sex (by the math, by the mounting atrocities over millenia), simply tells the truth about the sexes and violence.  

This truth can be told while still honoring the importance of  individual rights within all species everywhere to be treated without cruelty or physical violence.  This year I’ve stopped eating killed meat, and find patriarchy’s systematic abuse of horses in wars past as heinous as patriarchy’s systematic abuse of women chronically.  However, this holiday season on this planet by indication of the movie multi-plex, the horses and not the women have people’s sympathies. 

 Certainly the hope for a solution to male-led violence  at a global, national, state, county, city and household level does not paint every male as violent or evil.  Some males, like Sykes, have enough integrity to tell  the truth about males as a violent collective social species. 

Individually, as true for most women, I have cordial relationships with males for whom there is reciprocal altruism between us.  Individually, I have experienced the reciprocity of betrayal among women — after millenia  of male-led global occupation we’re not perfect if ever we were.   Sometimes we blog (at least I do) simply as social experiment or to relieve through mere words the pain of living in a world with so much unresolved male violence and threat including nuclear weapons on the ready under global male leadership. 

The truth about the sexes at a collective level, here and now, this Xmas Eve, is that only y-chromosome males fit the roles comedically depicted in newspapers today about a grave horror of nuclear weapons unleashed within the last century by male invention.   

And, ho, ho, no, no, I don’t want to incur the risk of y-chromosome people I don’t know (no matter what kind of surgical drag they’re into for m2f transgender purposes) sharing the women’s bathroom with me  in my xx-chromosome non-violence (which is the norm for the xx-chromosome sexual species, collectively). 

There’s no excuse for what collective maleness has done to us (men and boys included), to the planet, to the unmet hope of peace for the strident night.  Are we really separate species, females and males, who interbreed?  I don’t know.  But just saying it reminds women that we didn’t invent the bomb and never would have done so.  We’re not likely to have invented cutting down trees for  holiday living rooms, either (not that male-controlled history is easy to unravel), so some of us will be glad when the lies of the male-identified holidays are over.