Comment Policy

Your writing as a woman about women’s reality is welcome.  Please feel free to comment.  The comments here are basically unmoderated in that you can post without being pre-approved in a moderation queue. 

However, because I am opposed to misogyny (no less evil because it is commonplace) in any form, whenever I return to this blog  and time permits I reserve the right to delete any comments without explanation if they hint of woman-blaming, woman-hating or any other form of derision against women.   Misogyny apparent in the comments should never be construed as any form of my approval.  Please see “About” for a more detailed explanation of why the unmoderated comments here. 

Sometimes an internet comment is so obvious a hypocrisy or so pointed a diatribe against women, it proves the point of why today’s women still need and seek liberation from male dominance.  Comments  proving the point may remain on this blog as reminder why not to trust men (who have not earned womankind’s trust).

If you see comments from MRAs, male sympathizers or woman haters in any form, those would be words to be scrolled over and dismissed from mind in favor of our own thoughts and our own words.

Not that every woman is somebody’s idea of perfect, but we at least deserve space in which to honor ourselves as being first in our own lives. To require less for ourselves would mean that we are not fully human. To grant us more might allow an evolution toward a quality of Be-ing that our species has not yet realized on a consistent basis — individual freedom in compassionate community for creative, joyous experience.


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