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Being Jiz…

April 29, 2012

“Jism,” the word used to be a snicker, snicker, wink, wink, instead of source for an in-their-face popular “genderqueer” FAAB porn star’s nickname, Jiz. 

Online you can find this ropes-and-bondage depiction of Jiz, who’s been popular for several years going back to 2009 and earlier:

Photos: Morgan Weinart, Umayyah Cable, Courtney Trouble
September 2009

jiz lee porn star actress free pics interview

Invited to speak (trending in late April 2012 online news) at Williams College in Massachusetts, Jiz as “genderqueer” reportedly prefers to be called “they” and “their” instead of by a singular pronoun. 
Jiz does not presently identify as trans female or trans male and the numerous free photos of Jiz online — in a google first-page search no less — show naked female (ring-pierced) breasts and vulva belonging to Jiz, although strap-on penises are an apparent favorite.  Sometimes online, because I just googled, Jiz is referred to as lesbian. 
How will Jiz the porn star appearing to college students who are FAAB and women conditioned to heteronormality encourage or discourage them from considering lesbian relationships with other FAAB as an alternative to being heterosexual with men? 
A similar guest to my sociology 101 class (last century) scared me utterly about leather-and-chain-wearing-bull-dykes, as the macho speaker at that time identified herself back before anybody had thought of an individual being “genderqueer” in the 21st century.   After that lecture I wouldn’t have been interested in dating another woman even if she had been all sparkles like Ellen DeGeneres.  
But being unsuited for male dominance in sexual relationships, now I’m alone and wondering.  What would it have been like for me and the other women in the college audience if Ellen (or a younger version of Mary Daly or Andrea Dworkin) had instead been the guest speaker that day? 

Colleges and universities don’t seem to invite women like that.  And try to find FAAB-only space for women anymore.  But exclusive, private men-only clubs still exist, of course. 

 We know why, don’t we? 


Heroic Jenny Sanford (refuses to stand by her cheatin’ man because of her own self-esteem)

December 11, 2009

“Certainly his actions hurt me, and they caused consequences for me, but they don’t in any way take away my own self-esteem,” Jenny Sanford, told ABC’s Barbara Walters. “They reflect poorly on him.”

Too many women (lacking better economic options, perhaps) stand by their married men — those paragons of patriarchy — who may talk about wearing the pants in the family but seem fonder of not wearing their pants, famously evidenced from Dave Letterman and the Governor of South Carolina to Tiger Woods. Imagine it said by Chris Rock: “Tiger Woods? Ti-ger Wooods!!! Who knew he had morning wooood an-y (!) place (!) but his golf (!) bag (!).”

No, it’s not really funny.

And it’s not just a dilemma of high-dollar celebrities and how they see women. Derision of women happens at every level of the class structure. For instance, a food vendor serving wage-earners in LA pictures the female form as nothing but appetite satisfaction for men.

There’s no excuse for men of the typical variety who deride women by their conduct, no matter how pleasant or funny they try to be. Men claiming “good will toward women” need to call out the “no excuse” misogyny of their brethren.

As misogyny’s regular target (true of girls and women everywhere), I’m too focused on keeping mind and body together for myself and my daughter to head the counter movement about men who show their woman-hating by how they behave. Instead, let the “good” men do it. They benefit from their gender class position in society; in fair return for their generic male privilege, let them reign in the male misogynists.

But they don’t often do that, do they?

Watch the behaviors of men, skip their words, and you’ll start to free yourself.