For several years now, sometimes by pseudonym (backlash being what it is, hateful and unwanted by any sane woman struggling to survive male supremacist ideology in global culture), I’ve been commenting on feminist blogs.  Sometimes, I’ve wished I had my own blog writing as a woman for women, to share ideas and inspire freedom, even though using computer technology isn’t fun for me.  Sometimes the moderators of other allegedly feminist blogs haven’t posted my comments, although generally I’m considered a skillful writer who knows a lot first-hand about women’s reality [having been the “first woman” this and that in a male-dominated profession from the 70’s forward with decades-later backlash, and having been born  into the impregnable sex class so that I actually suffered  a high-risk pregnancy and gave birth (once) to breastfeed and otherwise mother  a now-grown daughter].  As a result, having been censored on other blogs, I have decided that this blog will have an unmoderated comments policy. 

If you want to say it, write it here.  If any comment is offensive misogyny by a woman-hating man, and you’re a woman seeking  to comment here, consider it part of women’s reality to learn the art of ignoring male hatred and moving forward in the elements of living your own life, having your own voice, and writing your reality as a woman here.  

 Previously I blogged but many posted photos from the mainstream culture disappeared on the pro-woman (anti-patriarchy) blog I started in the pseudonym of a pro-feminist male.  That blog’s called “the longestwar,” as in the undeclared war against  women by men.  The idea was that if some men sincerely wanted to be pro-feminist,  I’d write in the name of  a man to show what it would look like if a man really understood women’s reality.  More recently, I just don’t care about what men understand because our women’s reality is getting tougher by the day and global male privilege means that we’re basically on our own to take care of ourselves as women (or be compliant to their male-serving values).    

Also let me  say that it is very challenging not to be misunderstood on the finer analytical points of radical feminist, liberal feminist or any other type of feminist discourse.  For example, Mary Daly is a favorite author of many radical feminists (and a favorite of mine principally from her book, Pure Lust, which helped me unbind the biblical brainwashing from my mind).   Mary Daly wanted to call the philosophy of women’s freedom by the term, “elemental feminist philosophy.”   Yet who uses that phrasing to any great degree today even if they quote Mary Daly?  The point is that our common points are greater than our differences of terminology.  What we call ourselves does not matter so much as what we do for one another. 

We as women all deserve validation for our ideas and for taking our thoughts to their end points and then beyond into newer and expanding energies of joy.  We’re all limited somewhat by the extent of our efforts to free ourselves from men-tal conditioning in a language system men have institutionalized since the witch-burning holocausts to terrorize and divide us from one another.   We all make better comments on some days than on others.   Can we also care about women being for women, and care about being for ourselves  as women seeking to overcome the horrific cultural, creative, physical and/or emotional harm to our authentic be-ings that men have invented?  

The blog’s banner photo is from a series I took in a “major market” during the mass media onslaught of unavoidably visible, over-sized imagery advertising the film (based on video game of same name), Silent Hill, and depicting a wide-eyed young woman not only with no voice (figuratively or literally) but also no mouth!  

 And we wonder why the literal voices of so many young women today are becoming tentative, childish, submissive in tone whenever men are around.  If you haven’t heard the trend, spend some time in any college library where co-ed study groups exist.   As a woman you could instead plan literally to use your own full-sized voice and its resonant power whenever you can.  Timidity or capitulation have never been effective  long-term strategies for overcoming oppression.  And women’s reality is that we are oppressed by having our ways of thinking and being as women in the world erased in favor of how men want us to be.  “Hey, guys,” don’t you know?


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